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FAIRY RING: An Oracle Of The Fairy Folk - book & 60-card deck; boxed

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Franklin, Anna
Llewellyn Publications
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Combine astounding, photorealistic images with breathtaking surreal art that feature the world of the fairy, and you have The Fairy Ring oracle. This deck has four suits, one for each season, plus eight additional cards that celebrate the major Celtic ôFairy Festivalö holidays.á Included with the deck is a 240-page book filled with: ò Fairy loreò The meanings of the cards, as well as their myths and legendsò How to work with the fairy or character on each card, and ò An amazing nine different spreads you can use! This is more than just a divinatory deckùits virtually an entire spiritual, magickal, and oracular system!The strikingly beautiful artwork will literally draw you into the world of the fairy. It will let you cross over from our world and allow you to listen to their wisdom. But this requires you to take the first step. Using this deck will help you to let the fairies fill your dreams. Read about just one card per day, and in only two months youÆll have amassed more fairy lore than you can imagine!More importantly, by working with this deck, the fairies will come to know and trust you, and to share their wisdom with you. The fae donÆt easily give their friendship and let you into their world. The Fairy Ring is ideal for all Pagans and lovers of the fairy realms. DonÆt let this opportunity to commune with the fairy folk pass you by! The beauty of this set makes it a great gift, too!First Runner Up for the 2003 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for Best Sidelines/GiftsùInteractive Category Publisher Review:There are two things you are bound to notice first when looking at this oracle. First, it is not a Tarot. It does not have a Major Arcana and the suits each have only thirteen cards, not fourteen. Although this means it should not be confused with a Tarot deck, there is no reason that the cards cannot be used in your favorite layouts.áSecond, as you go through this deck youÆre simply going to be bowled over by the art. The artist, Paul Mason, has used graphics and photos blended together to produce cards of breathtaking realism and surrealism, with landscapes and characters (mostly fairy folk) ranging from great beauty to bizarre angularity. Each of the 52 cards has the name of a character of fairy or associated mythology. The images bring them to startling life. In fact, I would say that the harmony of the imagery on the cards matches the name of the characters as well or better than on any deck IÆve ever seen. If youÆve ever looked at a deck and wondered how the image on a card is supposed to represent the description given in a book about the deck,áThe Fairy Ringáwill end that problem. á. á. áread more.á


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