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DR. PETER SCARDINO'S PROSTATE BOOK:...Overcoming Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis & BPH

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Scardino, Peter T
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Although most men couldn't tell you what the prostate does, an overwhelming majority will be affected by prostate problems at some time in their lives. In his discussion of prostatitis and prostate enlargement (BPH), as well as prostate cancer, Dr. Peter Scardino carefully and clearly explains what can go wrong, how to prevent prostate trouble, and what to do if problems develop. Dr. Scardino has treated thousands of patients at one of the world's best research hospitals. He developed the innovative erectile-nervegrafting procedure that makes it possible for men with serious cancer to recover sexual function and mathematical tools (nomograms) patients and physicians can use to improve medical decision-making. Now men everywhere can access his years of expertise. Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book will help them and their loved ones to: - understand and interpret complicated test results - develop a customized action plan that suits individual needs - get the best care and ensure the best possible recovery from treatment - learn state-of-the-art strategies to prevent prostate diseases This book covers everything a man needs to know about his prostate health-from how aging affects sexual intimacy to asking the right questions to choosing among available therapeutic options. Dr. Scardino discusses cutting-edge strategies, using the latest research findings to explore the many factors that affect patients, including possible complications and ways to minimize them. One in six men in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer, and nearly half the adult male population will be affected by prostatitis. Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book provides the hard facts and a compassionate voice to guide every man to health and healing. Illustrated throughout with line art by Frank Forney.


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