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CAMOUFLAGE THROUGH LIMITED DISCLOSURE: Deconstructing A Cover-Up Of The Extraterrestrial Presence

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Koppang, Randy
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According to the author, from the 1940s to the present time the U.S. government has involved itself in the deepest levels of secrecy involving an alien presence on the Earth. This book delves into these deeper levels and reveals exactly how and why this secrecy has been maintained. Interviews two key researchers that have had access to those at deeper security levels, or have operated at this level themselves. The first, Melinda Leslie, presents compelling evidence that the military itself is involved with the abductions of important contactees with the express purpose of gaining information from them about alien technology. Second is Bill Uhouse, who claims to have spent an entire 38-year career at the very heart of an Unacknowledged Special Access Project and made some unofficial public disclosures relating mostly to advanced technology and the goal of perfecting functional flying discs. Should be read by all serious researchers looking for that next level of proof, in addition to skeptics who, after reading this book, may suddenly stop laughing at the jokes of newscasters and the media view in general. Something is going on, and this book will tell you in large part, exactly what that something is.


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